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Eretz Acheret is an independent magazine motivated by of a broad sense of responsibility for the future of Israeli society.

The print edition of Eretz Acheret was published every second month from October 2000 till September 2012.  From February 2014 we publish a monthly edition in the web. Through the different editions that are subject oriented we make an effort to gain an in-depth understanding of all Israel’s different and varied sectors and lifestyles by means of thorough and exhaustive groundwork and excellent journalistic writing, alongside critical and philosophical articles about the meaning of the processes we are undergoing as a society.

Studying Israeli society by means of the Eretz Acheret print edition has lead to a number of conclusions:

  1. We are a society that lacks leadership. The groups leading Israel politically, economically, socially, religiously and in the media serve the interests of groups that share a narrow agenda that all too often runs counter to the interests of the general public.
  2. Society needs a central leadership that is committed to all the sectors that make it up and that acts morally and sensibly in face of the numerous existential challenges we face.
  3. Israeli society needs a major journalistic platform, one that is as free as possible from external interests, one in which it will be possible to hold a free and in-depth discourse on the many consequential issues we face and that we as a society must contend with in an informed and knowledgeable manner.

The establishment of Eretz Acheret’s Internet site is part of a much broader process aimed at enabling society to take renewed responsibility for its fate through an alternative media that is not motivated by sector loyalty or identified with the centers of power that dominate and control the current Israeli discourse.

The goal of Eretz Acheret is to urge the Israeli readership to take an active interest in all the various systems of Israeli life and to heal them so that they can serve the public rather than the agenda of a few small pressure groups that have taken them over to serve their own interests.

The Eretz Acheret Internet edition will have a paywall. Independent journalistic work cannot be held captive by economic and other interests. That is why all those who understand what is hanging in the balance here should be willing to buy a subscription.

We thank our supporters: 

Targum Shlishi, Signing Anew, The New Israel Fund, Berl Katzenelson Foundation,

Dr. Yoav Ben-Dror, Chen and Orni Petruschka, Israeli businesspersons who asked to remain anonymous.